Ways To Serve Me

In Person:
See me for a session, Take me shopping, Take me for lunch.

Email Domination:
For those who crave my divine attention but are unable to visit my domain or simply want to try something new, email me respectfully. £50 for two weeks.

Text Domination:
Text instructions are available at £5 per text. These will be cruel and hard!

Financial slavery:
Financial slavery is not about paying and receiving something. It is about wanting to please me, about adoring me and wanting to spoil me, make my life easier, serving me without worrying about your needs. Favours are not granted for money. Tributes, donations and sacrifices are a part of showing your devotion to me. Your obedience is not all about money but because this is financial slavery, it does play a major part in what I require as servitude. You will pay because you know you need to, it makes you feel complete to know that your Mistress lives well... in the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to - in part because of you! If you please me enough you "might" receive my attention. Know also, that I might just as easily not even register that you exist. Financial Slavery is purely for those that have a fetish to be financially enslaved, you are not stupid or weird. You have a strong fetish to be objectified and a strong desire to please. First of all, you must be able to accept humiliation and objectification as a viable and valid fetish. You like to be humiliated and thrive on being degraded, being used as a living wallet satisfies your need to serve a superior woman. Now then slave, I have told you what you are about and if this is your fetish then I will only consider you after you have shown me that you are serious by an initial Gift of £100.00.

Do this via my online payment facility or you can send me an Amazon Gift Certificate.