Beautifully Equipped Mirrored AIR CONDITIONED Chambers in Dartford, Kent

My fully equipped chambers have a wealth of different devices to make your visits memorable and to test your limits. Furniture consists of a beautifully hand crafted and custom-made St Andrew's Cross, Fetters Bondage Chair, Fetters Fuck/Spanking Bench, Isolation Box and Suspension.

The Beam... A unique experience which you can be bound to and raised to the ceiling flat or upside down rendering all your parts to the mercy of my mood at the time, this is NOT for the faint hearted but for the adventurous devotee of Bondage.

My Dungeon is complimented by an overwhelming array of canes, crops, whips, straps, teasing and torturous implements to inflict and impart delicious pain on my wayward subjects and slaves.

I also indulge in electro torture.

My chambers are spotlessly clean and all equipment is sterilised after use.

Lady Rochester presents an image of both beauty and cruelty that cannot be surpassed.
- Slave Bill