I will not consider anyone under the age of 18 and if I suspect you are I will require you to show identity proving your age.

You will not be under the influence of drugs nor have any form of drugs on your person when you enter my realm. I do not tolerate anyone who arrives under excessive amount of alcohol, upon arrival we will sit and discuss the scenario you wish to explore. My sessions can be very intense and this rule is for both your enjoyment and safety.

I take pride in my appearance and personal hygiene and expect the same courtesy from you. I have facilities at my chambers for you to freshen up before and after your session.

It is paramount that you inform me of any past or present medical conditions in order that I can conduct our scenario in a safe manner this should be covered on your completed application form.

I like my tribute handed to me in an envelope with all the heads facing the same way.

You will be respectful, sincere, honest and reliable at all times.

My Rules

I do not accept withheld telephone numbers at all and texts will not be answered unless I know you.

You must be prepared to give me your contact number upon making an appointment. If you cannot make your appointment or you are running late, I expect you to contact me and I would extend you the same courtesy. Please note however, if you fail to keep your appointment and do not contact me then your details will be kept and you will not be considered for another session again.

All NEW SLAVES will be required to secure their booking by paying a deposit. If you don't pay a deposit and one of my regular devotees wish the same time they will take priority and you will be informed. Once you have paid a deposit your booking WILL be secured.

My sessions are sensual and erotic but not sexual. You must never expect or ask for sexual services with me or your session will be terminated.

I will not entertain Hard sports, wrestling or Adult babies