Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this prior to contacting me

This is my first time
Don't worry, I am very approachable and we can explore your fantasies together. However, if it is your first time to see me whether you are experienced or not you will be required to secure your booking by paying a deposit.
I am married or worried about disclosure...
What goes in my domain is strictly confidential. As are any details you may disclose in your application or person. I do expect the same courtesy from you.
What happens when I pay via card
Don't worry - All card transactions will be discreetly billed.
I don't want to be marked.... is that a problem
No - if you tell me that from the start I will not mark you. You should be realistic here in your requirements. There's no point asking to be caned hard and then saying you don't want marks. Some instruments will mark even when used lightly. I do have a range of instruments that will hurt without leaving visible marks.
I have a medical condition - will that make a difference
Not necessarily but again you should be honest in your application form so I am aware or your medical history.
I don't like pain
Pain is only one element of BDSM. The primary element in my sessions is sensuality and control. Not all people enjoy the more painful elements as your Mistress I will respect your limits at all times.
What sort of limits and safeguards are there
During role-play sessions I always give you a safe word that tells me you are at your uppermost limit. If you are gagged then we use alternative symbols.
If I use my safe word is that the end of my session
No ? I will move onto another game.
What can I expect from a session
All sessions are tailored to the individual. I expect clients to be honest in their requirements and complete my application form to give me an understanding of your desires.
What happens if I don't like what's happening
Use your safe word - that's what its there for! The safe word can be used when things may not be painful but you just don't like what's happening.
I have a fantasy that I would love to act out but am worried you will laugh or be disgusted
I have had over 20 years of experience and I have seen and administered various scenarios, I get pleasure from new and varied inventive requests and as long as it is within my limits...
What are your chambers like
See the chambers page for a view of my chambers and all of my implements of torturous pleasure. I am well equipped with a wide range of tools, restraints and implements including electrics.
Are couples welcome
Yes, couples of all orientations are welcome
Do you allow poppers?
I am not keen on any form of drugs.
Can I bring Mistress a present
Yes you may please see my wish list for details.
Do I get to have sex with the mistress
Absolutely NOT under ANY circumstances. I am a professional dominatrix not a prostitute.
How do I address you?
I prefer to be addressed as Your Ladyship.
Will I be allowed pleasure at the end of my session?
Not everyone is into this, a lot of slaves enjoy the tease and denial side of the scene however, if you require a "happy ending" and you have been a good boy then you may get your reward! I have a fabulous device for milking you.... should you so deserve it!
Can I have a refund on my deposit paid for a session if I don't visit?
Deposits paid for appointments are non refundable.